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Red Curry Tomato Tofu

Red Curry Tomato Tofu has diced tomatoes and red curry paste in a base of coconut milk with fragrant Thai basil.

The Sauce: Red Curry Tomato Sauce – Tomatoes and red curry paste in coconut milk simmer to infuse the heat and flavors into firm tofu cubes.

‘Great Sauces Transform Good Food into Gourmet’ 

Burmese restaurant

The Washington Post ran a piece in December 2013 on the Burma Restaurant in Chinatown. It closed at the end of that month. The week before friends of the owners invited my daughter to a dinner party at this upstairs hot spot. Raving about the food, she’d discovered their lease wouldn’t renew.

“We have to go before they close”, she promoted with their final days ticking away. We carved out the only common free time, lunch on the 30th, their last day. My son met us. We three ordered several dishes to share/try/taste. Every dish, fabulous, but my favorite was a tofu curry dish. I’m a tofu lover in sukiyaki, wok vegetables, lasagna, smoothies, just to name of few but this is my all time favorite.

I started searching for a similar recipe online, in cookbooks, in food magazines. Didn’t find anything close. Then I Red Curry Tomato Tofustopped at my local Thai grocer about a mile from my place. Talked with one of the proprietors. She showed her red curry paste, suggested basil and pitched virtues of their best brand of coconut milk. It was one of those ‘start with some of this, add that, must use Thai basil.’

Back in my kitchen I set out with fresh ingredients and brought to bear my experience cooking Asian dishes. In 20 minutes the dish’s aroma wafted through the place. Wow! If you aren’t too sure about tofu and love Southeast Asian Rim cuisine, this is the dish.

You may also enjoy Green Curry Chicken Pot Pie, Thai Chicken with Fresh Basil, Vietnamese Kebobs with Dipping Sauce, Pomegranate Feta Salad and Pork Chops with Pineapple Salsa.

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Recipe: Red Curry Tomato Tofu

Active Time: 20 Minutes | Total Time: 20 Minutes | Yield: 6 Servings

Ingredients1 Tbsp canola oil
2 Tbsp Thai curry paste
1 14.5-oz can petite diced tomatoes
1 13.5-oz can coconut milk
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 lb firm tofu, 1/2-inch dice
1/2 cup loosely packed torn Thai basil
steamed rice

Special Equipment – 12” skillet

Red Curry PasteInstructions
1 Heat oil on medium high. Add red curry paste and stir for 20-30 seconds. Take the pan off the heat.

2 Stir in tomatoes, coconut milk and brown sugar. Place skillet back on the heat. Add tofu and simmer for 8-10 minutes stirring occasionally.

Add Tomatoes and Curry3 Add Thai basil and season with salt to taste. Take off Add Tofuthe heat and serve on a bed of steamed rice. Garnish with a few basil leaves if desired.



The Thai basil will wilt quickly and give off it’s fragrance. Don’t over cook at this point.

This is an easy meatless dinner rich in flavor. It’s also gluten free.

You could also serve this with brown rice.

Dish Designer

  • Exchange diced for hand crushed whole tomatoes.
  • Exchange firm for extra firm tofu.
  • Exchange Thai for sweet basil.

Inspiration – Helen Horton
Cook with Sauces
Red Curry Tomato Tofu
Written by
Photography and Styling by Helen Horton
Updated: February 23, 2014

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Misoshiru is the most ubiquitous Japanese soup made with number one dashi, miso, tofu, wakame and green generic cialis online onions.

The Sauce: Dashi – Number One Dashi made with kombu and bonito flakes infuses these flavors into a potent stock for Japanese cooking.

‘Great Sauces Transform Good Food into Gourmet’ 

Sipping soup

Once seated at a Japanese restaurant, besides polite bows and subtle smiles, you’ll usually be sipping a warm bowl of Misoshiru. It’s made with dashi, miso, wakame, tofu and fresh green onion.

WakameSea farmers have grown wakame, a sea vegetable, in the ocean for hundreds of years. It’s viagra sales canada rich in calcium, iodine, thiamine and niacin. It’s a source of omega-3 fatty acids so it’s good for you. Basically a seaweed, it has a subtle sweet flavor and a slightly slippery texture. It’s dried in very small pieces and quickly expands when reconstituted. I love it because it stores well so I keep a package in my pantry.

Along with small cubes of tofu and floating fresh green onion slices, the dashi stock with miso paste is the characteristic base of this Japanese soup. It’s easy to make at home so don’t wait to go out.

You may also enjoy Sesame Shrimp with Miso Dipping Sauce, Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Sushi on the Fly, Thai Chicken with Fresh Basil, Vietnamese Kebobs with Dipping Sauce, Shrimp and Pork Balls with Spicy Lime Sauce, Nigiri Fruit Sushi, Pearl Balls with Ponzu Dipping Sauce, Number One Dashi and Yakitori.

1 of 3 part series ”Land of the Rising Sun”. Part 2 Cucumber Salad, Part 2 Salmon and Noodles with Dashi cialis and bph mechanism of action Sauce. More on Dashi.

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Recipe: Misoshiru

Prep Time: 3 Minutes | Cook Time: 8 Minutes | Yield: 6 Servings | Level: Easy

Red and White Miso1/4 block 16-oz american botanical online pharmacy store soft tofu
3 cups Number One Dashi
2 Tbsp miso
1 Tbsp wakame
2 green onions, diagonally sliced

Special Equipment – medium saucepan

1 Wrap the tofu in a paper towel and set aside to absorb the liquid.

2 Warm dashi in a saucepan over medium heat but don’t boil.

3 Place the miso in a small strainer and submerge halfway in the dashi. Use chopsticks or a small spatula to stir the miso until it flows throw the sieve. Make sure the dashi doesn’t boil after the miso has been added. It will change the flavor of the soup.
Miso in wire basketMiso strained into broth
Add Tofu Chunks4 Add the wakame. Slice the tofu in small cubes and add to the saucepan. When the tofu floats and the wakame is rehydrated, turn off the heat.


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Serve in small bowls garnished with green onion slices.

Using paper towels to absorb excess liquid helps the tofu absorb more soup stock and improves the flavor.

Dashi BouillonHomemade Number One Dashi is easy to make or you can reconstitute dashi granules in warm water.

Use red or white miso or a combination of both. Red is more potent and white is more subtle.

Don’t let the dashi boil once the miso has been added. If necessary, remove the pan from the heat.

Serve with Japanese cuisine such as Sesame Shrimp with Miso Dipping Sauce, Sushi on the Fly, Shrimp and Pork Balls with Spicy Lime Sauce, Nigiri Fruit Sushi, Pearl Balls with Ponzu Dipping Sauce and Yakitori.

sushi, tempura, tonkatsu and beef teriyaki.

Dish Designer

  • Exchange green onion for some finely diced red bell pepper.

WakameInspiration – Helen Horton
Cook with Sauces
Written by viagra discount card
Photographs by Helen Horton
Updated: October 21, 2013

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